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    Helping Providers Stay in Private Practice Affordably
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    Comprehensive On-Demand Reporting
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Practice Money Matters News & Updates

CMS Announces ICD-10 1 Year Grace Period

There is no delay coming, but for one year after Oct. 1, CMS will pay for all claims that don't have the correct ICD-10 codes as long as the codes used are in the ballpark. This is the biggest of several concessions CMS is making in light of the Oct. 1 deadline and the grave concerns providers have expressed with compliance. These measures will … [Read More...]

Senate Passes H.R. 2 Legislation to Repeal and Replace the Medicare SGR

Last evening, by a vote of 92 – 8 the Senate passed H.R. 2, legislation that would permanently repeal and replace the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate formula (SGR). The six amendments offered during floor consideration were all defeated. The the Senate has passed the bill in the identical form as the House passed version. This means that the … [Read More...]

Billing for Prevnar 13? Concerned about Reimbursement?

Prevnar 13 is a vaccine indicated for active immunization for the prevention of disease caused by streptococcus pneumonia serotypes. The average cost to the provider for this vaccine is $152.01 from Pfizer and comes in a 10 pack 1dose vial for a total cost of $1520.10. Due to the high cost we have been watching the reimbursements of this vaccine … [Read More...]