Are you wondering what the CO-223 is on your recent NHIC Remits?

Well, providers, you can thank our President, this new law is now in effect.  This Contractural Obligation Code is for the 2% sequestration reduction you have heard so much talk about. 

 Any claims for payments with a from date of service on or after April 1, 2013 will be subject to the 2% reduction fee.  This applies to all fee for service Medicare claim payments and it is in effect until March 31, 2014.  Note that there are no exemptions from this provided in the law for any health care item or service provided under the fee for service program. 

The verbiage for this adjustment code is as follows “Adjustment code for mandated Federal, State or local law/regulation that is not already covered by another code and is mandated before a new code can be created.” You will see these adjustments reported at the  line level for the Part B Physician and at the claim level for Institutional Part A claims.

Providers with the highest Medicare patient base will have the biggest impact from this on revenue for the next year.  It’s more important than ever to bill for all services that you provide and to know all of the newer codes and services that you can bill for in order to have some offset to dwindling revenue numbers. 

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  1. Paulette Zroback says

    Instead of thanking the President, you can thank the Republican Congress for blocking all attempts to balance the budget.

  2. margaret312 says

    Whose idea was it?

    It was Obama’s idea, but Republicans agreed to it and provided key support.

    The most detailed account on this point is in The Price of Politics, a book by Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward about the 2011 debt ceiling standoff. His reporting shows the White House developed the idea and presented it to Democratic leadership on July 28 and to Boehner’s team on July 30.

    Both sides saw it as a way to force further negotiations later, according to Woodward. The Obama team thought there was “no chance” Republicans would allow defense cuts to happen, while Boehner said Democrats would cave to save domestic programs. Woodward quotes Boehner predicting the sequester “is never going to happen.”
    From: Politifacts It wasn’t just one sided

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