Another Satisfied Client

It has been a pleasure working with Linda Sacco and her team at Advantage Medical Billing Solutions.  Dr. Stuart G. Pesin was an obstetrician/gynecologist in Winchester, Massachusetts who has retired as of December 31, 2013.  When our office realized that it would be more cost efficient to send our billing to an agency, much research was done.

Dr. Pesin was a solo practitioner and many of the billing agencies wanted to work with groups.  It was difficult to find someone who knew the specialty with all its intricate coding and Linda Sacco’s name was given to me.   We have worked with Advantage Medical Solutions for more than five years. 

We found Linda and her co-workers easy to work with and when we had questions, Linda would come into the office and go over different situations with our office staff and Dr. Pesin.  We had no complaints from patients and all claims were sent to appropriate insurance carriers and posted it seemed with ease.  Difficult claims were reviewed and paid in a short period of time. 

Monthly reports gave the doctor an idea of what to expect each month with payments due from both insurance carriers and the self-pay patient.   Dr. Pesin and his office staff would highly recommend Advantage Medical Billing Solutions to anyone who would like the ease and efficiency of a wonderful billing agency.


Phyllis Mahoney for Stuart G. Pesin, M.D.   


In 2013 New Hampshire mandated insurance coverage for patients who see a Naturopathic Physician.  As a busy practice, the ability to use insurance flooded our practice with new patients – and increased numbers of insurance claims.  We had very little experience processing claims, and needed an expert to guide us.  After interviewing Linda Sacco, I knew Advantage Medical Billing Solutions would be a good fit.   Linda and her team have exceeded all my expectations for my practice.  She helped us choose an EMR, implemented procedures to increase efficiencies at reception, ferreted out financial holes (and most importantly plugged them!) and quickly got to task processing claims and processing collections in our practice.  We ALWAYS receive a prompt response to concerns and questions.  Month end reports are clear and concise.   I would strongly recommend Advantage Medical Billing Solutions.

Robyn Giard, ND

Starry Brook Natural Medicine, LLC

Exeter, NH 


Advantage Medical Billing Solutions, and its CEO Linda Sacco RMC, were the life-saver
that was needed when an unexpected hospital closure sent this physician unprepared
into the world of solo practice.  Step by step, from creating a superbill to collecting the
financial/insurance information needed for billing, she was there, every step of the
way, guiding me. A 10+ doesn’t go high enough for my recommendation. Superior skills,
superior support, grace under fire (usually from this panicked physician), and the
willingness to go the extra mile. You cannot do better than this billing service.
S.Rothchild M.D., Massachusetts


The loss of my previous biller, the lack of knowledge of a temporary office manger,
both nearly sank my practice.  Recommended to me by a friend, Linda Sacco dug through 
it all, straightened out the billing mess, helped me where and when I needed help.
And voila, I finally had accounts receivable that were current. Thank you Linda, I
could not have coped without you!  
C. Richards M.D., Massachusetts


“Our cash flow has improved dramatically, and we love the software provided for our use.  It was easy to learn both for the staff and the practitioners.  Its great to have all of our practice information at our fingertips whenever we need it.  Thank you Advantage!!”

–Mary E. Thomas M. D.


“Using Advantage Medical Billing Solutions was and will remain the best business decision I made in 25 years of private practice. I never regretted saved me from sinking?and captivity. Dealing with professionals who actually know what they are doing, are honest and nice people to deal with on a personal level is indeed a rare combination. I highly recommend Advantage Medical Billing Solutions without reservation, not only to a solo practice, but also to an entire hospital.”

— Chawki E. Nahabet M. D.


Another satisfied client…. billing is completed in a timely and accurate manner, payments are received in a VERY short time usually within 14-20 days. Overall we have been very satisfied with services provided by Advantage Medical Billing Solutions.

— Victor E Gurewich MD, Client since 2007


Times have changed! Being reimbursed for valid covered services is no longer guaranteed. Within the last decade, insurance companies have devised requirements regarding medical coding, evaluation of necessity criteria, prior authorization, precertification, referrals, and filing time limits that are cumbersome, time consuming and complicated.

Hospitals have recently responded by hiring organizations staffed by highly intelligent licensed medical doctors to review and argue these denied claims.

Private medical practices don’t have that advantage- UNLESS they have a billing company like Linda Sacco’s Advantage Medical Billing! Her expertise and always current understanding of individual insurance company requirements translates into prompt payments of services that may well have been unpaid while medical personnel concentrated on actually giving patients medical care.

She and her staff are professional, well-trained and always available.

Kate O’Connell-Faust
Office Manager
Dr. Saleem’s Healthcare for Women Salem NH


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