World Class Technology, Security and Privacy

Advantage Medical Billing Solutions LLC powered by Kareo uses state of the art On Demand Practice Management Software.

Your sensitive Medical and Financial data are never compromised. Data is safeguarded through multiple lines of defense including physical security, network security, perimeter defense, user authentication, data encryption, application security, operating system security and database security.

Comprehensive, disciplined, backup and disaster recovery management processes ensure that you experience the highest level of reliability. All servers are deployed in redundant configurations and all client data is automatically backed up on a nightly basis.

Network Infrastructure is collocated in Irvine, California at a state-of-the-art Internet data center that satisfies even the most stringent requirements of the financial and healthcare industries. Our facility provides 24×7 physical security, armed guards, biometric identification systems, redundant electrical generators, redundant air conditioners, fire suppression systems, and other backup systems to keep the infrastructure continually up and running.