We offer 5 areas of expertise:

Advantage Medical Billing will process all of your claims, either electronically or on paper. We process Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, HMO’s, PPO’s and Champus, as well as all commercial carriers and Workers Comp and MVA. With our in-depth knowledge of medical coding, we can optimize your billings and assure the fastest turnaround of your receivables.

We will generate monthly statements to your patients, follow-up for payment at predetermined intervals and handle all patient inquiries regarding claims or statements. We will perform all follow-up calls, letters and tracers to the carriers on your behalf.

Advantage Medical Billing will provide you with comprehensive financial reports which include account aging, insurance aging, productivity reporting by procedure, doctor, and practice, as well as revenue reporting.

We will review your current claims procedures for inefficiencies and if necessary, we will design your encounter form, patient demographic data sheets and financial policies.

Advantage Medical Billing offers its clients remote access scheduling, 24/7 reporting, and document scanning and retrieval. In addition, to streamline data flow and increase cash flow we offer integrated EHR that works with Ipad and IPhone and Apple Watch.

Today’s cost-effective solution
Our proven track record of success helps our clients to practice more profitably and eliminate the stress associated with in-house management of billing and receivables.